Deck & Balcony
When decks collapse, 75% of people are injured or killed

Deck & Balcony Safety

Deck Safety

Decks & Balconies are where people gather. Often the loads on these areas can be very high. The best way to ensure that your family and friends are safe is to have your balcony or deck checked by a qualified structural engineer. It is vital to determine whether your balcony was built properly and if any of the structural members and connections have deteriorated over time.

Items needing investigation include:

  • Connection details of joists and beams to the main building and at columns.
  • Potential for column buckling due to excessive height and inferior bracing.
  • Handrail attachments and spacing requirements.
  • Overall stability and bracing details.

If you are uncertain about the structural adequacy of your deck or balcony please contact us. Our report will give you advice on the current condition and recommended methods of repair if required. If further action is required we can also provide design and inspection services to ensure that any repairs carried out are structurally sound.