Structural Inspections
Providing engineering solutions to structural problems

Structural Investigations

Some situations call for a more in-depth investigation.

These inspections are typically Fixed Cost or Cost Plus depending on the complexity of the problem.

This type of in-depth investigation may start with an initial site visit followed by a contract proposal listing the scope of services.

If you have any of the following concerns you will likely need a signed and sealed engineer's report

  • Sagging floors or beams
  • Sagging roofs or broken trusses
  • Foundation settlement, cracks or bowing
  • Remodeling and moving support walls
  • Leaking basement
  • Termite or moisture damage
  • Engineer's report needed for mortgage company
  • Structural concern during new construction
  • Fire, flood, wind or hail damage
  • Leaning, bowing or cracked retaining walls

Once the investigation is complete we will discuss our findings and recommendations with you.

At RLM & Associates, LLC , all inspections are performed by the engineer. Foundation repair contractors are in the business of selling you piers in order to make money. This conflict of interest may skew their recommendations. An independent structural engineer produces an unbiased opinion, which in many cases reduces the scope of work. Eliminating one pier or wall anchor can pay for the engineering fees.